The Site

This website is a project brought together by long term fans of The Beyond. Three friends who’ve never stopped listening to the music, searching for clips, trading demos, discussing subsequent projects from the band members and still (and always will) argue about the bass on the American release of Crawl.

Phil Sherry, Jake Smith and Paul Baines are the driving force who put this site together. We encouraged each band member to dig through their archives of memorabilia, photos, reviews and recordings (CDs, vinyl and yes even cassette!) to find any hidden gems missing from our collections.

At this point, rather than being snooty muso arseholes and keep the collection to ourselves, we’d like to share it with other fans. In that sharing spirit we encourage you all to send in stories, photos or video clips (anything you have!) that we can add to the site.

Have fun digging through the ‘timeline’ on the website. We hope you’ll discover something new about the band – unheard songs, unread reviews, unseen pics.

If nothing else, we hope it gets you listening to Crawl and Chasm again.

Jake, Phil, Paul.